Our typical guest rooms are simply furnished with two twin beds, sink, desk, closet, and medicine cabinet. Toilets and showers are down the hall. We have a few rooms available with a private bathroom for an extra charge.

Are your rooms air conditioned?

Most of the rooms do not have air conditioning. We maintain a schedule of opening and closing specific doors and windows in the through the day to generate airflow throughout the main building. In my experience (I've been a resident for 2.5 years), the building is pretty temperate even in the summer.

What is the shared bathroom like? Are there multiple toilet stalls and shower stalls? How many rooms share each hall bathroom?

There are several different configurations for shared bathrooms:

  1. A cluster of two to three single-occupant bathrooms, each with a toilet, shower, and sink.
  2. A shared sink leading to two or three single-occupant rooms, each with a toilet and shower.
  3. Standard single-occupant bathrooms with sink and toilet.
  4. Standard public restrooms with 2–12 separate toilets stalls and one or more sinks.
  5. Shower only rooms with 6–12 separate shower stalls. Each shower stall has a small changing area with a bench and wooden door (reaches ~1ft off the ground). Inside is an opaque white curtain covering a private shower stall.

Our maximum capacity is around 120, depending on how rooms are shared, and we have 20–30 showers and toilets. Typically, there are more than enough bathrooms available even with a full house.